Darkmans by Nicola Barker


Nicola Barker

Don't be put off by the length of this novel. Each of the 838 pages is worth reading. The writing is so lively, the characters are endearing and it is very very funny.

The setting is modern day Britain but the past keeps intruding! If, like me, you don't quite grasp the magic, (magic as in 'sorcery') it doesn't really matter.

'Holy shit!'
The flame cut out.
A man.
There was a man.
There was a man at the window, gazing at them. And he was perched on a horse; an old, piebald mare (the horse wore no saddle, no reins, but he sat astride her - holding onto her mane - with absolute confidence). ... He was handsome - vital, even - but with a distinctly delinquent air. He was wearing something strangely unfeasible in a bright yellow (a colour of such phenomenal intensity it'd cheerfully take the shine off a prize canary).
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