Bobby Gold by Anthony Bourdain

Bobby Gold

Anthony Bourdain

Why should you want to follow the life of an enforcer on the seamy side of New York's bar and club scene? Because of the atmosphere. This read catches life in the kitchens and backstairs as Bobby struggles to survive between the Mob and his devious boss.

She was right about the Lenny Bruce thing. The man was in there - pants down around his ankles, one sleeve rolled up, a syringe hanging out of his arm, just below a tightened belt. He was dead, and he was blue, slumped over to one side with his legs jammed against the stall door, eyes staring straight up at Bobby like a lifeless flounder's.

Bobby got back down from the toilet and went back outside. The girl was smoking, sitting on a banquette, watching for his reaction. She'd gone in there, he realized, found the body, and calmly sat down for a piss, before exiting.

'See what I mean?' she said smiling.
'It's Lenny all over,' said Bobby, unable to take his eyes off her.
He was in love.

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