UFO in Her Eyes by Xiaolu Guo

UFO in Her Eyes

Xiaolu Guo

A game of two halves: either an in-depth sociological study into the effects of totalitarian control on small communities in China or a simple story of a woman who saw a UFO. Report-like in narrative, the cynicism of the author cuts like a knife. This book is simple to read but will provoke your thoughts if you choose to let it.

Well, why did they have to send you? Why couldn't they tell me about it directly? Of course I know about this shit. A few days ago some official people came to my pond and stirred it up with measuring rods. And then this morning they dumped a load of sands and bricks on my land. But I've never been asked to attend those meetings at Chief Chang's office. Maybe they think I am a stupid shrimp who doesn't understand anything. If you want to know the truth, I don't like what the village authority is doing. I also heard in the wind that the canal they want to build will go through my pond. You're the expert, so you tell me: if that happens will my pond still belong to me?

HFO 8: I'm afraid it's not my role to answer your questions.

And if my pond becomes part of some state canal, what about my fish? Will any old bastard in any bastard place be able to catch my fish?

HFO 8: I am afraid I can't help you. I am merely gathering information.
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