Strangers by Carla Banks


Carla Banks

The plot involves a large cast of characters and numerous interwoven strands of relationships and reactions in an authoritarian state. Personally, I wanted more description of the exotic setting and prefer characters to be a bit more believable. However, the excitement of the storyline carries the reader through a lengthy and easy read.


He could have become a target of one of the more fanatical groups who believed in complete separatism. His integration into the community was a living offence in their eyes. But he would have known. He would have heard a whisper. And there were far easier and more effective places to assasinate him than at a party he had never planned to attend. ...

And suppose the target hadn't been Nazarian, hadn't been Damien, hadn't been Western decadence - suppose it had been Roisian Massey ....

  • Princess by Jean Sasson
  • Not Without My Daughter by Betty Mahmoody

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