Pandora's Star by Peter F Hamilton

Pandora's Star

Peter F Hamilton

This is an epic canvas painted by a miniaturist. The discovery of a force field round a star means possible danger for 24th century humanity. It will make you dream about travelling through wormholes, living several lifespans and encountering aliens.

Wilson had never quite realized before how scared he was of dying, especially now. It wasn't something today's society could understand, not with all the expectation of rejuvenation and re-life procedures instilled from birth. The post-2050 generation knew they could live a good chunk of forever, it was their right. He thought his fear might have come from growing up in a time when there was only one life, then you died. The idea that memories could be saved and downloaded to animate a genetically identical body was a reassuring crutch for everyone else. But he couldn't quite convince himself that was a continuation of his current existence.
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