Helpless by Barbara Gowdy


Barbara Gowdy

A friend of mine read this book in 1 hour and 20 minutes and I could quite see why! Took me a bit longer but it was very hard to put it down. It's a tale full of suspence - and the kidnap of a 9- year-old girl. Particularly topical in the light of the Madeleine McCann case.

'I'm not going to hurt you', Ron tells her. 'I'm taking you somewhere where nobody will ever hurt you again'. She's on the floor. He didn't put her there ... she slid off the seat. It crossed his mind that he should put her in the trunk but he was afraid she'd suffocate. Anyway without streetlights, you can't really see into other people's vehicles. 'How are you doing?' he asks. He glances over. Her face is turned away. He can make out only the tender curve of her neck and the earlobe with its pearl stud, like a drop of saliva. 'Is the airconditioning too cold for you there?' He adjusts the direction of the vents. She's able to breathe, he knows that. He was careful not to tape her nostrils. It was like taping a doll.
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