Don't Sleep with Your Drummer by Jen Sincero

Don't Sleep with Your Drummer

Jen Sincero

If you are thinking of setting up your own band, or interested in the rock scene, this is the book for you. Jenny, 28, decides to give up her boring job and realise her dreams, setting up Sixty-Foot Queenie. Her fast-moving diary contains plenty of lists and brilliant observations together with well-drawn characters and many touches of humour.

So far we had:
1) A lead guitarist who was only half in the band,
2) A moronic lead singer who couldn't help molesting the drummer
3) A drummer with no conscience or common sense whatsoever, and
4) A homeless, drug-addicted bass player.
How the hell was I going to keep it all together long enough to get famous?
... There was a knock at the door and Tammi walked in, wearing a dress made out of glued-together photographs of the band. That broke up the solemnity. 'Our little sandwich board!' Lucy screamed.
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