Love in Exile by Bahaa Taher

Love in Exile

Bahaa Taher

Don't expect a love affair: this is the story of a devastating mid-life crisis fleetingly relieved by doomed love. Set against a background of genocide in Lebanon, it mixes existential malaise with graphic descriptions of torture and violence.


I read the news story and the severe ringing returned to my ear. I sat on the chair at once holding the paper in my trembling hands. I said to myself perhaps I didn't understand. I read the story again. No, there's no hope to unread what you have read! You've already read it and that moment at which you were still in the dark and he was still alive will never return, not ever. Yes, Khalil Hawi has shot himself in the head in Beirut. This happened. It is over. There's no hope to 'unknow' it.

  • Death in Venice by Thomas Mann
  • Vertigo by W G Sebald

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