The Last Queen by C W Gortner

The Last Queen

C W Gortner

I couldn't help but admire the grit and pride of Juana of Spain. Catapulted into difficult roles as wife, princess and queen. Paradoxically powerful and powerless at the same time. This is a fast paced tale of passion, integrity and personal sacrifice.

Not until that moment did I realize how vulnerable I was: a woman alone, his wife, practically his property, to do with as he pleased.
He stepped so close I felt his breath like a furnace on my brow. 'If this is how you feel, then you have my leave to return to your beloved Spain and veil your mother's deathbed, Madame Infanta. I'll be there soon enough to claim my throne.'
My throne.
I raised my chin. 'You forget I am Spain's heir. Without me, you will claim nothing.'
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