Love Lives by Josie Lloyd and Emlyn Rees

Love Lives

Josie Lloyd and Emlyn Rees

This was a great holiday read. I liked the way that the lives, experiences and searches for love of four different people are woven together. The fact that it was rather predictable didn't really matter; in spite of occasional feelings of frustrations with the characters I still found myself caring what happened to them. If you are looking for an ultimately feel-good read, try this.

And then he could ask her out. This Saturday night and - who knew? - they could be sitting right here after the pub, his arm around her shoulders, her eyes staring into his, and him leaning his head towards her, feeling like he was falling into her, and then kissing her so tenderly that he'd feel like he'd gone to heaven. Then a great certainty swamped him: it wasn't going to happen. It hit him like a bullet in the guts. Verity Driver walked like a model and was top of her class, and she could sing and she could dance, and she'd only ever looked past him and not at him.
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