I Haven't Dreamed of Flying for a While by Taichi Yamada

I Haven't Dreamed of Flying for a While

Taichi Yamada

The book follows 67 year-old Mutsuko as she becomes younger and younger. Instead of liberating her, this process fills her with fear and helplessness. It really made me think about how people deal with something incomprehensible and out of their control. A fantastical, tragic and sentimental love story, where real and supernatural exist side by side and the physical love scenes challenge the view society has of what is normal.

‘What makes you say you don’t have time?’
‘Do you think I do?’ she asked, turning to face me ...
‘I think you do,’ I said. ‘You’re young.’
I could see anger appear in her eyes.
‘You’re the only one who knows my situation. You’re the only person who can understand how I’m feeling. And you say I’m young. How can you give such a blind response?’
‘What do you expect me to say? I’ve only spent one day with you in March, then another two days and nights more recently.’
‘But you know that I’m really a sixty-seven-year-old woman.’
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