Fifty Grand by Adrian McKinty

Fifty Grand

Adrian McKinty

Posing as a Mexican maid in Colorado, Cuban cop Mercado has just one week to uncover the true circumstances of her father's death and exact revenge. This knife-edge novel brings gritty questions of loyalty and justice dramatically to life.


As I knew it would, my heart starts to race. This is by far the riskiest part of the whole plan. Now, if he tries his trick, I'm dead.
Maybe we'll get that sweet karmic ending after all.
He's got a fantastic weapon, he's strong, he's angry, he's free.
He holds all the cards but one.
He doesn't know that the gun is empty.

  • Just Revenge by Alan M Dershowitz
  • Tango for a Torturer by Daniel Chavarria
  • Maria Full of Grace - the film

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