The Girl Who Was Saturday Night

by Heather O'Neill

Daughter of a celebrity singer, 19-year-old Nouschka decides she must change her hedonistic lifestyle and also break out of the claustrophobic relationship she shares with her twin brother. This and much more she eventually achieves closely watched by the media. The setting is Quebec in the months prior to the second Independence Referendum which adds more excitement. I loved the style, the language and the great characters


I liked to dance slow dances with him. I hugged him and clung to him tightly as we danced. I hung off his neck like a tragic little monkey.
'Oh, don't ever leave me. You smell so good. You're so fat and lovely. Like a baby. Let's get married and teach our children to tap dance. They'll be a sensation. Can we get a wee dog and name him Gazou. We can feed him sherbet and apple pie. Let's never make our children learn the alphabet. The alphabet is for cowards!'
'Nouschka, you can never handle your drink.'


A Map of Tulsa by Benjamin Lytal

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