The Cutting Edge of Barney Thomson by Douglas Lindsay

The Cutting Edge of Barney Thomson

Douglas Lindsay

A crazy, hilarious read! Fairly gruesome tale of a bizarre serial killer! Everyone blames poor Barney Thomson who is hiding in a monastery having escaped the police in Lindsay's previous book. Is he really guilty of the deaths of all the monks? Is he really guilty of anything? Different!


Late Monday night, and the monastery still sleeps. Long before the death of Brother Festus, it begins ...; while the monks lie secure in their beds, and while shephers watch their flocks, one sheep is led astray and put to the sword.

A particularly gruesome death, this one, the first at the monastery. The blood pulses from the severed artery for some minutes after the deed; it runs along the cold stone corridor; reaches the worn grooved steps in such volume that the first trickle grows and swells until it has become a miniature, ensanguined cascade, turning it into a cruel and bloody parody of the Reichenbach Falls. And all the while, Brother Saturday lies with eyes open, body limp, becoming colder, the sensation still there although the first stroke of the knife has killed him.

  • A Big Boy Did It and Ran Away by Christopher Brookmyre
  • The Long Midnight of Barney Thomson by Douglas Lindsay

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