Redemption Ark

by Alaster Reynolds

A big epic novel both in the number of pages and the content. Unlike some SF there is characterisation that allows you to know the cast.There is also a great deal of scientific fact and fantasy to process and add to the storyline. Not so sure about how the ending sits with the length of rest of the novel.


'The machines haven't paid us much attention yet. But my guess is that they'll get around to it eventually. And do you want my theory as to why we haven't been attacked so far? It might be that they just don't see us yet; that their senses are attuned to signs of life on a much larger scale than a single ship. It could also be that there's no need to worry about us, that it would be a waste of effort to go to the trouble of wiping us out individually when what they're working on will do the job just as effectively.'


Broken Angels by Richard K. Morgan

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