Do Time Get Time by Andrey Rubanov

Do Time Get Time

Andrey Rubanov

This book offers a wonderful glimpse of modern Russia, a land of infinite possibilities ... at a price. It charts the rise and fall of ambitious Andrei, who with his boss, Mikhail has built a banking empire on shaky, shady foundations. They are discovered and Andrei has to beat the legal system and survive the brutal regime of a Russian prison. A perceptive insight based on the author's own experience.

The sound of footsteps came for the third time. Once again the
light flashed on. Once again I screwed up my eyes and shuddered at the
suddenness of it. Once again I was examined through the hole by someone's
attentive, colourless eye.
'What?' I shouted rudely in my exasperation.
The eye disappeared. The bolts clattered. The door opened.
'Out you come!'
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