Missy by Chris Hannan


Chris Hannan

In her own colourful language, ‘flash girl’ Dol tells the story of her journey across the American West, taking whatever chances come her way in the hope of making a better life for herself. Packed with larger than life, often violent characters, days are never dull, though there are times for unexpectedly reflective moments. Graphic and at times disturbing, I was surprised I enjoyed this as much as I did. Perfect film material.

After I slipped Mrs Bird her twelve dollars, I had three scads left, and I toddled off into the night, looking for a drink. Somehow I found myself up the alley where Annie Paddock works. Maybe I wanted to imagine what it would be like to be a crib whore; I get curious when I'm gonged. Anyway, when I looked back I saw Pontious was following me. He pushed me up against the wall of Bett's livery and put a bowie to my throat. My mind slurred over the details of the scene even when it was happening.
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