Natural History by Neil Cross

Natural History

Neil Cross

I felt homesick for a place I have never visited after finishing this thoughtful, intelligent novel. Liltingly poetic, like the Welsh language itself, the story slips fluidly from hermit nuns, to a lesbian film director to a released murderer, all insightfully portrayed against the evocative backdrop of Bardsey Island, which is a character itself. Through excavations that are both real and metaphorical, the cast of characters contemplate love, language and identity, delving into long hidden secrets to uncover many-layered truths.


...the charity would maintain a decreasing level of funding for another five years.
'That gives us enough time to turn it round,' Jane had said. Bring it into profit. Sell it and move on.'
'Yes,' said Patrick, with exaggerated patience. 'But how much will it cost?'
'Everything,' said Jane.

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