The Tattooed Soldier by Hector Tobar

The Tattooed Soldier

Hector Tobar

The past still haunts Antonio who has lost his wife and son at the hands of a man he will inevitably meet again. A gritty view of homelessness and inner city poverty against the backdrop of political unrest. Sometimes relentless in its realism, but with moments of poignancy. Not a light read.


This was something that happened to Antonio with great frequency since the death of his wife and son. Alcoholics, the suicidal, battered wives, the perpetually lonely, witnesses of catastrophe, survivors of war, they all came into sharper focus. Antonio could almost spot them across a crowded room. They were like brothers or long lost friends. They were different from other people, the unscarred those who had never seen or lived the randomness...These other people walked about the city like well fed children bathed in a glow of innocence the happy haze of unknowing.

  • Maps by Nuruddin Farah
  • Four in the Morning by Nick McDowell

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