Dirt Music by Tim Winton

Dirt Music

Tim Winton

A book that took some getting into: and then a lot of concentration as not only the voice of the narrator shifts but also the tense of the narration. Well worth the effort though, because it takes you on a remarkable journey into the heads of two loners trapped in redneck Australia and not even looking for a way out - until they meet each other. Beautifully written - but the dirt is very real.

For years you thought the music was in them, that it came from them. You knew your own instincts were good, that you felt the music deeper but that your playing couldn't match it, didn't reach the level of their virtuosity .... But that only held when you believed in them as creatures inspired, as sources of the music. Now that they're dead, though, you're just willing it to be so; you don't really believe it anymore.
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