The Boy Next Door by Irene Sabatini

The Boy Next Door

Irene Sabatini

A debut romance set in post independence Zimbabwe. The gentleness of the mixed race relationship is contrasted with the chaos and brutality of the emergent regime. The tension between the different factions and races is very well conveyed as is the atmospheres of old fashioned and sedate Bulawayo and the brashness and modernity of Harare. On a minor note, I would have found a glossary of African/Zimbabwean/English words helpful.

'Jeez, luck, and she lays it on thick how nice it is to meet a white Zimbabwean who isn't - what was the word she used again? - "prejudiced," that's it, prejudiced. What a bunch of dunderheads these, "I've come to save Africa" whities. So I go on about how I'm a farmer trying to contribute to the new Zimbabwe and boy, does she lap it up hook,line, and sinker.'

For fundies man, they can be dwaas"

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