My Friend Sancho by Amit Varma

My Friend Sancho

Amit Varma

Abir Ganguly, a wisecracking, cynical crime reporter in Mumbai, is falling for Muneeza, the teenage daughter of a victim of a police shooting. Trouble is, at what point in a budding romance do you admit you were with the police when it happened? I found this a light, witty and entertaining story, perfect for a lazy afternoon.


I spend about half an hour at the start of my day checking my email - and probably a couple more, as the day goes on, in Easy Surfing Instalments. Would any of the 877 people who write to me regularly bother to do so if they had to use pen and paper, and then physically post the thing afterwards? I doubt it. I also doubt that more than one-hundredth of my Facebook friends are true friends in real life as well - but it's all good. I'm connected; I'm empowered; I love the internet. Also, there's porn.

  • Family Planning by Karan Mahajan
  • One Night @ the Call Centre by Chetan Bhagat

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