Herding Cats by John McCabe

Herding Cats

John McCabe

You never quite know what's going to happen next in the town of Taunsley. Although not the type of book I usually read I became hooked, picking it up at every opportunity to find out what Tim, the advertising executive and Alistaire, the meathead, just two of the town's quirky characters, would be up to next. Laugh out loud absurdity.

A sole carcass was swaying back and forth to the left, a head-sized hole apparent in its midriff. Gary's hands shook with something more than their usual tremor. Gribben came into view. He was carrying a shotgun in his right hand ... Gary wondered how the hell he was going to fire it with just one arm, but he had obviously developed a system .... Suitably anchored, he span around and discharged both barrels into another carcass, some ten yards away ... Gary felt the urgent need to relieve himself again, but was too fascinated to leave.
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