Reader for Hire by Raymond Jean

Reader for Hire

Raymond Jean

This novella is part of Peirene Press's ‘Chance Encounter’ series and was also a cinematic success. It describes the saucy adventures of a young French woman who decides to hire herself out as a reader to people in their own homes. But what do her clients really want – and how far will she go? Apart from the eroticism, there is also is plenty to delight the serious bibliophile, even one unfamiliar with French literature.

If he wants to make love to me, he first has to agree to read .... Each time he wants me to perform a particular favour, reading has to have its moment beforehand. For example, he sometimes indulges an aberrant desire to kiss my buttocks with cannibalistic frenzy. I insist that first he uses them as a lectern for a book from which he must read out aloud for at least a few minutes. I'm currently lying on my stomach, naked, on the carpet in the large living room, close to the fire crackling in the fireplace. The book is where I've just said and Michel is lying on my thighs with his arms crossed, his chin up and his neck raised, and is reading diligently.
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Explicit sexual content