Double Play by Frank Martinus Arion

Double Play

Frank Martinus Arion

The plot may revolve around a marathon domino match but don't get bogged-down by the details of the game. How the characters' lives overlap is far more interesting.

She still acted oddly, thought Bubu, who was so used to Nora never letting anything of his dissipations out of the bag, that he really couldn't take it in that she'd just threatened to reveal his late arrival home, and his adventure, as far as she suspected it, to his friends. Had he hurt her so deeply that she was out for revenge? For Christ's sake, it wasn't the first time that something like this had happened. She went droning on, talked drivel, swore at him, even, when he went too far, as he had yesterday evening, to be honest, but she'd always hidden it from his friends.
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