New Daughters of Africa by Margaret Busby (ed)

New Daughters of Africa

Margaret Busby (ed)

Daughters of Africa was published by Margaret Busby in 1992. This is the update, celebrating women of African descent across the world. There are hundreds of contributors, many of whom I have worked with both as a librarian and in the anti-racist movement. The variety in content is huge – I recommend you dip in and out for the best reading experience. A must read for anyone looking to understand the role of black women in our world.


My life as a pet sheep that I love and one day find out

my parents are fattening for slaughter: How else did they get me? My life

as a hardened chunk of cheeese, forced to the back 

of the fridge by fresh groceries.  We want you to have more.  My

life as that thick lump on an older woman's nape.  You have to

work at relationships.

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