Marvellous Hairy by Mark A Rayner

Marvellous Hairy

Mark A Rayner

This book is nuts. You have to suspend disbelief on the scale of the Golden Gate Bridge. And never invite a troop of macaques to your wedding - it is asking for trouble - let alone inviting a Komodo Dragon. Oh, and if you have to take on an evil tycoon because his company is turning your best friend into a monkey, teaming up with a bunch of raving lunatics may not be a good idea.

Naturally, this outburst upset Nick. The poet proceeded to jump from the couch to Max's oversized comfy chair - the only piece of furniture that I've ever coveted - and then he tried to jump onto Max's bookcase. Nick was too heavy for that but I managed to catch it before it crashed through Max's glass coffee table. Books spilled everywhere, bouncing off the furniture, landing on the floor in a landslide of literature. (Tundra may have been a maniac and a drug freak, but he was a voracious reader of great books.) A copy of the Complete Shakespeare landed on table, open to a scene from A Midsummer Night's Dream.

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