Sea Otters Gambolling in the Wild Wild Surf by John Bennett

Sea Otters Gambolling in the Wild Wild Surf

John Bennett

Around the World in 80 Days? 16 year old Felix, armed with his mother's credit card can travel much more quickly than that! A real coming of age novel for the 'noughties' - fast, funny and full of a teenage boy's preoccupation with a) guilt and b) his virginity, and with a basic plotline that is quite mad. Thoroughly recommended as deserving of cult status.

'Well Ji and Nu, this is my new friend Felix and I'm betting a pound to a penny that he's a virgin, so one of you girls could be in luck tonight.' I was like, 'What. The. Fuck?' For a start it was totally untrue and even if I was still a virgin there was no call to go saying I was to the whole fucking world. Fortunately, none of their English was up to much and they just sat there smiling, clearly not getting it.
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