The Godmother by Hannelore Cayre

The Godmother

Hannelore Cayre

Meet the most bizarre drug trafficking matriarch in the Parisian underworld. Darkly comic and surreal, the sardonic narration in the distinctive voice of the protagonist is mixed with snappy streetwise dialogue and acerbic social commentary on racism and exclusion in the banlieues. It's an offbeat and seductive portrayal of a nihilistic skewed morality which will have you checking your own moral compass.

Zero tolerance, zero thought – that about sums up the drug policy in this country, which is supposed to be governed by people who came top of their class. But fortunately, we have our terroir, the sacred, wine-producing soil of France. At least we’re allowed to be plastered from morning to night. Too bad for the Muslims, but then all they have to do is hit the booze like everybody else if they too want to work on their inner beauty.
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