Long Lies the Shadow by Gerda Pearce

Long Lies the Shadow

Gerda Pearce

A first novel set in post apartheid South Africa with continuous flashbacks to the brutal apartheid era. This is a very complex and atmospheric tale of family secrets, relationships, friends, love, loss and tragedy. The characters are alive and appealing and the reader becomes totally engrossed in their fate. It is not a happy reading experience but definitely a memorable one.


Simon will walk the passages of her soul forever. No bond will be broken now; there is only this eternal longing. And the horror replay, over and over again, with its missing pieces, till it fades in sleep but returns to her restless in dreams.

  • The World Unseen by Shamin Sarif
  • Brixton Beach by Roma Tearne
  • The God of Small Things by Arundhatti Roy

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