Black Light by Patrick Melton Marcus Dunstan

Black Light

Patrick Melton Marcus Dunstan

Private investigator Buck Carlsbad does battle with a myriad of the undead in his own unique way (expect regurgitation and much squelching of bodily parts) as the Jaeger Laser, a revolutionary new magnetic train, hurtles through the California desert. The gore factor escalates thrillingly on the approach to the Blacklight Triangle, where Buck's parents were hideously murdered years before. One for ghost lovers with strong stomachs!

It's fighting me hard.
I feel it's living essence expand like a fist and land in every living cell of my body, burning months and months off my life in a flashfried instant, smoldering like napalm, swelling and then bursting again, spidercrawling my skin, like hot black blood pooling in my stomach, leeching my bones. It wants to possess me. It wants to take over my muscle reflexes and command my mind. I can't let it do that.
I clench my teeth and fight it off.
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