Repeat it Today With Tears by Anne Peile

Repeat it Today With Tears

Anne Peile

An unusual and doomed romance which many people will find deeply disturbing. Although told in the first person by teenage Susanna, this is definitely not a teenage novel. The writing style is descriptive and atmospheric and brilliantly captures early 1970's London. You may condemn Susanna's actions, but that will not stop you liking her and hoping that one day she will find contentment. A great and disturbing read. Longlisted for Orange Prize.

There was the one photograph of him, kept in the middle drawer of the heavy dark sideboard. When I was alone I used to take it out and hold it in front of me, staring so hard that I could vivify the image and believe that he had lived and breathed for me. I felt that he understood me. I do not recall that there was ever a time when I looked upon my father's face with anything but adoration
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Explicit sexual content