Falling Sideways by Thomas E Kennedy

Falling Sideways

Thomas E Kennedy

With finely calibrated observations, the characters in a high profile firm in Copenhagen threatened with redundancy are eminently believable in this intimate tale of rivalry and self-preservation. This is a savvy satire on contemporary work culture that is both sharp and funny. Each character’s narrative is expertly slotted together in an anxious drama that will ring true to many in these days of company downsizing.

His father had got him a student job at the Tank two years before, and Jes had been amazed at how little anyone seemed to do. They wrote e-mails or sometimes letters, photocopied and filed them, sent them, and received responses, which needed new letters, new photocopies, new files. They went to meetings. Sometimes some of the big shots went to meetings in other cities or other countries where they apparently had their e-mails translated into other languages so they could talk about them with foreigners. Meanwhile, there were a million truly important things that needed doing in the world, things that were a matter of life and death for people who lived in poverty and misery. Jes wanted a foot into that door. And meanwhile, he wanted to do something concrete.
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