Love After Love by Ingrid Persaud

Love After Love

Ingrid Persaud

A fresh and tender story centred on an unconventional family, with a man as its linchpin. We could all do with a Mr Chetan in our lives, his personality radiates warmth and sincerity. Underlying the air of playfulness are deeper issues: domestic violence, homophobia and self harm - be warned if you are squeamish! Reading this book is like being wrapped in a cosy blanket, but just be prepared for moments when it will be whisked away.


Friday night is pizza and TV. You should see Mr Chetan and Solo - happy as pappy and I'm like a Wednesday in the middle. They don't care that a film's boring for me. If I don't want to see the car chases and the shooting I best go in my bedroom. Funny how Mr Chetan made it clear he was only staying here for a few months. After a year I noticed he stopped that talk. I'm glad. He's a help, plus he's security. People know a man living about here. I wish I could say a good-looking thing like him by we because of my charm but hands down it's because of Solo. Them two real tight. He's not a father but he's a natural at fathering.

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