Dream London by Tony Ballantyne

Dream London

Tony Ballantyne

London has been changing, and not for the better. The only person who can save it is Captain Jim Wedderburn - a selfish, lying, cheating, conniving, thieving, preening, ruffian pimp. But will he be able to rescue this new ‘dream’ London from gangsters, capitalists and extra-terrestrials? And what about the mysterious power that has tuned the city to the music of accordions and guitars, but not brass bands. Jump on board for a surreal adventure.

I left the main writing room with its leaflets and library atmosphere and found myself in a clean white space filled with rows of drawing tables. Draughtsmen and women sat before cleab sheets of paper, tee squares and set squares pressed against the boards, all busy ruling lines and turning compasses. I moved to take a closer look at the nearest.
"What are you drawing?" I asked.
"Redesigns for flats 1-32 on the Mumford Estate, South Wapping," replied the young draughtswoman,
I examined the drawings. The new flats were taller and thinner like everything else in Dream London. The windowd had stretched to look like eyes.
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