Was £9.99 Now £6.99 by Frederic Beigbeder

Was £9.99 Now £6.99

Frederic Beigbeder

A thought-provoking read about the life of a high flyer in the advertising world. A salutory reminder that even if you have money, brains and a good job, you can still be lonely and depressed.

On the beach Octave is moved to tears at the sight of sand stuck to the girls' skin by their sweat, of the bruises on their thighs, the grazes on their knees. One more drag and he'd be ready to fall in love with a shoulder blade. He needs his daily ration of beauty spots. He kisses Olivia's arm because she's wearing Obsession. He talks to her about her elbow for hours.
'I love your elbow, the way it points towards the future. Let me look at it, let me admire it. You have no idea of the power it has. I like your elbow more than I like you yourself.'

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