Galore by Michael Crummey


Michael Crummey

Spanning two centuries, this novel features several generations of a disparate collection of settlers in a remote fishing village in Newfoundland. At times bordering on fantasy, when a man is rescued from the belly of a whale, we follow the lives of the various characters, the hardship, the harsh climate, the sense of isolation they endure and the stories they tell. Sometimes humorous, on occasion violent and always quirky! An intriguing read.

The white underbelly was exposed where the carcase keeled to one side, the stomach's membrane floating free in the shallows. The Toucher triplets were poking idly at the massive gut with splitting knives and prongs, dirty seawater pouring from the gash they opened, a crest of blood, a school of undigested capelin and herring, and then the head appeared, the boys screaming and falling away at the sight. It was a human head, the hair bleached white. One pale arm flopped through the ragged incision and dangled into the water.
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