The Doll Princess by Tom Benn

The Doll Princess

Tom Benn

A fast paced thriller set in Manchester in the aftermath of the IRA bomb attack. Henry Bane works for a loan shark and is familiar with the seamy side of the city. When his childhood sweetheart is murdered, he sets out to find out why. Atmospherically written in dialect and full of sex and violence, Bane's search for the truth takes us on a journey featuring gun arsenals, human trafficking and drugs. Urban noir and a sequel to follow.

I had a late lunch at Frank's and drove out to Stretford to pay the Chemist a visit. Gordon was collecting money on foot while it was dry. He'd do a sweep of the pubs, bookies and a couple of unlucky homes. Gordon liked playing the hard man anytime, anywhere. At the footy stand or in town - he took pleasure in all-round terrorising. I said I'd pick him up outside the old cinema afterwards, if he could be mithered to stroll that far.
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