Dirt by David Vann


David Vann

This disturbing and chilling thriller tells the story of 22 year old New Age disciple Galen and his dysfunctional family. Darkly comic to begin with, the novel increases in intensity as the tale unfolds resulting in a compelling read. I couldn’t put it down until I’d discovered how far the author and his characters were prepared to go.

He had to pee so badly he finally rose, sent an arc of piss toward a tree, then hooked his thumbs under his armpits and crowed a cockadoodledoo loud into the dawn. He strutted round naked, flapping his arms, warming up, calling the day. His stomach an empty cavern, a pit shrinking him from the center. But he kept strutting, broke into a low run through the trees, then over to the main house. Stood beneath his mother’s window, crowed as loudly as he could and stomped his feet in the grass.
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Explicit sexual content