The Adjacent by Christopher Priest

The Adjacent

Christopher Priest

A complex, at times puzzling, but absorbing story told in different time periods featuring a rich cast of characters. At the heart of the tale is a love story spanning time and alternative dimensions. The author's fascination with illusions and stagecraft is addictive; and his take on adjacency is very thought provoking and chilling. Will keep you guessing, this is certainly not a one you will want to put down! I already want to read it again!

Using what quantum physicists sometimes call annihilation operators, an adjacency field could be created to divert physical matter into a different, or adjacent realm. An incoming missile, to use the famous example described by Professor Rietveld, need not be intercepted or diverted or destoyed - it could be moved to an adjacent dimension so that to all intents and purposes it would cease to exist.
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