Hawthorn & Child by Keith Ridgway

Hawthorn & Child

Keith Ridgway

A set of dark stories, many involving the two cops of the title, strangely disjointed and often about misunderstandings and misfits. We learn about details either ignored, missed or invented to replace them. Disturbing images, some wonderful language, as in The Marching Songs; writing that is very intriguing and strangely intense but rather menacing with an ominous feeling throughout.

Hawthorn looked at her. It took a moment to work out which way she was facing, and that the smudged thumbprint on her head was the remains of her face. Her legs were no longer discreet limbs but had merged into something very like a cheap Christmas candle, melted, and it took him a while to recognize the glint in the red wax as exposed bone. The smell was baked sweet.
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