Always You, Edina by V G Lee

Always You, Edina

V G Lee

Bonnie, the child heroine of this entertaining family memoir, struggles to understand the relationships within her family and often comes to the wrong conclusions. Through all the traumas of childhood her love for her Aunt Edina never falters. A very funny, unsentimental and realistic portrayal of a family with a secret.

Suddenly he starts to laugh, a rich cheery sound, 'Ha-ha,ha-ha', then he kicks a stone and shakes his head.
'There's nothing to laugh about,' my gran says. 'Why the devil did she give Bonnie a jar of caterpillars? Okay, she might have wanted to annoy Eileen or me but even so.'
'Mother, she wanted to annoy me.'
'Then why aren't you annoyed? Is there anything Ed could do to make you angry?'
'I don't think so.'
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