Love Sex Travel Musik by Rodge Glass

Love Sex Travel Musik

Rodge Glass

Rodge Glass is one of the modern masters of the short story. He calls this collection 'stories for the Easyjet generation'. But they are much more than that. They are meditations on the kind of lives that we lead, the mistakes that we make, and the love that we are able to offer to each other. This is a life-affirming book, even when Glass is contemplating the disasters we may have to confront. Read this. Choose life.

I am sure that I have tissues somewhere, but they need to be found fast. The world stops spinning for no-one. Blood runs down my arms and drips into my rucksack, blotting my diary, my camera, the notebook Hilary gave me. My hands are now sticky, the creases now a web of fine red lines. There's blood under my thumb nail. It's begun to appear in spots on my leg. I empty the whole rucksack onto the street. My face flushes red. There's nothing else for it.
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