The Shock of the Fall by Nathan Filer

The Shock of the Fall

Nathan Filer

This debut novel explores the journey of a young man into mental illness. It is a grim subject but the the brilliance of the writing makes for compulsive reading. I found the family dynamics so realistic - Matthew and Simon are real people not pegs on which to hang a tragic tale. Please don't be put of by the subject. It's a great book and deserved winner of the Costa 2013 Book of the Year Award


It's dark, night time, the air tastes of salt, and Simon is bleating, begging me not to dig it up, telling me he's frightened. I lift the doll she is dirty, sodden. Her arms flop at her sides. I hold her in the air. The rain falls and Simon is backing away clutching his chest. She wants to play with you Simon. She wants to play chase.

  • 9987 by Nick Jones
  • Lowboy by John Wray

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