Christ's Entry into Brussels by Dimitri Verhulst

Christ's Entry into Brussels

Dimitri Verhulst

In this surreal satire of modern life in Brussels, a jubilant narrator and his fellow citizens prepare for Christ's arrival. A clever mix of realism and fantasy, I joined in with the celebratory mood of the people and enjoyed the camaraderie shared by the masses in anticipation of this joyous event.

The Rue Ducale had to do, and now we were there. Or, as a few of the extremely pricey T-shirts on sale around us proclaimed in English, 'Jesus was in Brussels - the same day as me'. That's right, we were part of that privileged whole, but when we saw how others had set themselves up on rooftops with telescopes and folding chairs, preferably with a crate of beer, a bag of charcoal and a kilo of lamb chops within reach, we also felt like nothing so much as members of a stupid herd.
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