Naw Much of a Talker by Pedro Lenz

Naw Much of a Talker

Pedro Lenz

A novel set in Switzerland and written in the broad Scottish dialect isn't an easy combination to accept. But accept it I did and surprisingly, I enjoyed it. Not always easy, I had to re-read some passages, but worth it. The narrator is Goalie who I liked very much. He's a trusting fella, far too trusting and for this reason his friends take full advantage. The moral of the story shows that having a good heart doesn't necessarily reap rewards.


Oan the ither haun but: whit did Regula mean by 'ran ootae stories'? How dis he know hoo many stories ah hiv tae tell? Stories urnae like teeth, they dont grow in twice, then that's it. Yiv hid aw yir gettin. Naw, stories urnae like crude fuckin oil, where yiv only a certain amoont an' wance they reserves ur gone, yir fuckt - it'll be a few million years afore there's new stuff. Naw, stories grow back in. There's an infinite supply ae them. Try telling that tae Regula but, who's worried cos it's finally clicked ahm in love wi her.
That right Goalie? Wance yiv ran ootae stories, ye willnae love me any mair?

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