Dirty Work by Gabriel Weston

Dirty Work

Gabriel Weston

How does a young doctor feel when things go wrong and a patient's life is at stake? I shared Nancy's suspense through the examination of such a case by the medical authorities, her patient clinging to life. My anxiety was heightened by her own life story from childhood to the crisis, and because her patient has undergone an abortion. We are not invited to condemn or approve the procedure, which makes the book all the more thought provoking


All night long, the wind bellows down the empty communal corridors of my home and, in the morning, I wake from a dream in which I am sitting in theatre, face blank as a canvas, blood dripping from my hands. Except it isn't a dream. It's the real, final act in my short adventure as a doctor. And, as such, any version of events I concoct has to lead directly up to it.

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