Natural Desire in Healthy Women by Gary Dexter

Natural Desire in Healthy Women

Gary Dexter

Loosely based on the work of Marie Stopes, this version sees Dr Amber Haldane take up the fight for contraception. Set in the 1920s, the passionate campaigner faces opposition, and support, in equal measure. This is a witty tale, laced with humour. The archaic practices of our ill-informed ancestors are laid bare for the amusement of today's sophisticated audience. A book with eyebrow-raising theories aplenty, plus H.G. Wells' presence to boot.

It was a common belief among the working classes that running, lifting, dancing, jumping, coughing, bouncing, walking, leaping, trampolining (on patent trampolines), stretching, hopping, skipping (with patent ropes) and vaulting were effective post-coital contraceptive measures. Husbands, who at that stage of the marital act were ready to lapse into a post-orgasmic torpor, were often understandably irritated by these performances.
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