Strapline by Tiffanie Darke


Tiffanie Darke

A funny, sensationalist read that will have you laughing out loud. Light and frothy like a cappuccino, it moves along at a fast pace and is easy enough to take along to the beach.


Charlotte bent down beneath the umbrella her uniformed chauffeur was holding out for her and skipped down the few steps from the hotel to the open door of her waiting limo. Well, skipped in a manner of speaking, hobbled was more appropriate after the workout she had been enjoying all night, and the best part of the morning. Footballers - so full of energy, so desperate to demonstrate their skills! Wonderful lays, she noted. Nothing she had ever experienced had beaten sex with a footballer - especially foreign ones.

  • Marrow by Tiffanie Darke
  • Nothing Natural by Jenny Diski

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