Apparel by Arthur Mauritz


Arthur Mauritz

The story is constructed around the internal monologues of several characters as they go about their daily lives. The literary challenge of this novel is that the reader is not told when they leave one mind and enter another. The overall city atmosphere and descriptions are very well done. I loved the imaginative literary idea together with the resulting personal and direct writing style. An exciting debut novel.

He comes to a park and at the gate, a panting fat man runs across the path and he finds it comical and bizarre and ridiculous, unable to prevent grinning at the red face and The smug bastard with his smug suit and handbag. Might as well have laughed at him with that face. He resolves to speed his pace. Don’t stop now. It bloody hurts and it’s bloody warm. If he keeps at this pace he will cut handbag man off at the other gate.
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